Initiatives of Save our Seeds

To forward our objective of the promotion of conventional and organic seeds and campaign against genetic engineering, patents and privatisation we have developed numerous projects.   

The Alphabet of Complexity is a webinar series on topics related to agroecology, GMOs, biodiversity, campaigning and food systems.

The Informationsdienst Gentechnik is a german-language website set up for campaigners.  

The Stop Gene Drive Campaign demands a global moratorium on Gene Drive Organisms, designed to genetically modify populations of organisms in nature or to drive them to extinction.

2000m2 is the area of arable land that is available for each individual.  We have set up a project that demonstrates this in practice.  

Action Bantam-Maize is a national campaign group for GMO-free gardens.  

We organise the annual GMO-free Europe Regional Conference.

The Global Agriculture project promotes the discussion that 'business as usual' is not an option.  

The ARC2020 is a cooperation of organisations in favour of agricultural reform.

My Farming is a cooperation of organisations that promote the use of social and rural farming.