Gene Drive Campaign Manager

Campaigner on the topic of Gene Drives

„Save Our Seeds“ is a European initiative started by the Foundation for Future Farming, which critically assesses the use of genetic engineering in agriculture and food. Our goal is the advancement of freely reproducible organic seeds..

CRISPR-Cas, the new method to genetically engineer organisms, enables the construction of so called Gene Drives, organisms that can spread quickly and uncontrollably in wild populations. The goal is to genetically replace or eradicate animals and plants in the wild. „SOS“ advocates for a global moratorium on the release of gene drive organisms. We are therefore looking for a campaigner as soon as possible, to strategically implement and further develop the campaign, including its budget, with its small team. 

We expect:

  • Creativity, commitment and experience with effective campaigns
  • Experience in results-oriented and respectful international cooperation with other NGOs, associations and institutions
  • Ability to work well as part of a team, ability to work under pressure and goal-oriented perseverance
  • Background knowledge about genetic engineering and ecology
  • The ability and willingness to publicly take a stand on that topic and to explain in a concise way the complex implications for the wider public
  • Good knowledge of using own media (web, social media, video etc.) and common computer programmes
  • Good language skills and proficient in written and spoken English 

We offer:

  • The chance to shape and win an ecologically decisive campaign on your own responsibility
  • 30 years of experience with campaign work around GMOs, that we are happy to share
  • A lovely work environment with a small team in an international network
  • A well paid full-time position with a lot of flexibility and the possibility to work remotely

Deadline for applications: June 30th 2022

via email with the usual documents to Benedikt Haerlin: info (at)
Save Our Seeds, c/o Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft, Marienstr.19-20, 10117 Berlin



SOS is looking for an EU GMO campaigner

download job description

Background:     After years of standstill regarding the use and regulation of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the European Union’s food and agricultural production and policy, the EU Commission has kicked off a suggestion to deregulate some newer forms of genetic engineering. This opens a new, EU wide debate about the use and regulation of GMOs. The discussion has been prepared by a well organised group of international companies, science organisations and PR firms. NGOs, which had been active in the GMO debate between 1990 and 2010, are re-organising as well. The social, political and scientific discourse has further developed over the past decade, resulting in a new framing and a new set of priorities (e.g. climate change, biodiversity, health / epidemiology) which will form the basis of the discussion.

SOS:      Since 2002 ”Save Our Seeds” is an international Campaign of the Germany based Foundation on Future Farming (Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft) with a long tradition of anti-GMO campaigning and networking at EU level. Inter alia, SOS has organised nine European Conferences of GMO free Regions and a successful campaign for “zero tolerance” of GMOs in seed. It has founded a round table of NGOs on GMOs and publishes a critical information service in Germany. At present, it runs a campaign for a global moratorium on the release of Gene Drives into the environment.

The challenge:  We are looking for a person who systematically contributes to rebuilding EU wide co-operation and campaigning against the deregulation of EU legislation on new genetic engineering techniques like CRISPR/Cas. His/Her main tasks would be

  • Active participation in existing NGO networks on the subject
  • Preparation of the next European GMO Free Regions Conference (2022)
  • EU wide collection and distribution of information and campaign materials on the issue
  • Lobby efforts at EU and national levels
  • offering support for campaigning and lobby efforts in EU capitals
  • Dialogue with scientific and business communities on the subject

The profile:       We are looking for a European NGO networker with proven experience in intercultural collaboration and sufficiently solid knowledge of the GMO debate and EU legislative processes and discussions. Skills would include

  • Multilingual working experience (English is a must)
  • Experience with web-based-campaigning
  • Strong networking skills and international networking experience
  • Solid grasp of the scientific, food, farming and environmental issues
  • Independent, self-organising and committed working style
  • Willingness to travel frequently

The job:             We offer an initial one-year contract starting November 21 at fair, not luxury conditions with a firm prospect of a permanent position. You don’t need to be based in Berlin but are welcome to use and/or regularly visit our office there. A small GMO campaign team will integrate you and a large community of collaborating campaigners in other organisations is looking forward to working with you.

please apply now

send your application with CV and credentials to Benny Haerlin                                           


The Save Our Seeds office in Berlin offers internships for students that are interested in the themes we work on and what it is like to work for a NGO.  As an intern, you will work on a variety of tasks dependent on experience, skills and the campaigns and projects that we are working on at that time.

Internships are possible with Save Our Seeds and/or one of our campaigns: GMO-Free Europe, Aktion Bantam Mais, Weltagrarbericht.

Dedication to our projects is important. The length of the internship can be negotiated and all interns receive a monthly stipend.

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