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Welcome to "Save Our Seeds"

„Save Our Seeds“ (SOS) is a European initiative in favor of the purity of seeds against genetically modified organisms (GMO).Conventional and organic seeds should continue to be free of genetically modified organisms. Genetically modified organisms should not be imposed on farmers and consumers. Over 300,000 citizens and 300 organizations with more than 25 million members in all of Europe support the SOS  petition for seed purity.

Apart from this main concern, Save Our Seeds coordinates more  projects dealing with the discussion of genetic engineering, sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty – coupled with an international perspective. With its campaigns and initiatives, SOS links companies, politicians, scientists, farmers, and interested citizens; and wishes to lead a productive debate towards sustainable change.

Colourful variety not standardized uniformity!

On the 25th of April, Save our Seeds and Campact have launched  a petition on the upcoming new EU regulation of seed marketing. The new regulation will de facto ban old and rare varieties and farmers varieties and threaten the exchange and selling of seeds of diversity.

The current draft regulation was written by DG SANCO. Before it becomes an official proposal of the EU-Commission, DG AGRI (Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development) and the DG ENVI (Directorate General for the Environment) have to agree to it‘s contents. At the moment there are several points of disagreement. The regulation will not be passed if 14 Commissioners vote against (ie no majority is reached). Each country of the EU has one commissioner in Brussels. The commissioners of DG AGRI and DG ENVI should vote against, so we need 12 more. Find the list of commissioners here:

The petition is demanding that proposed EU seed legislation must allow more diversity in our fields and on our plates, rather than destroying it. Traditional and local varieties must remain exempt from licensing or certification requirements. Strict rules, controls, inspections and costly permits should only apply to seeds and seed materials which are traded commercially, in large quantities. The free exchange of seeds and seedlings between farmers, gardeners and seed initiatives must be guaranteed and supported.

Only by growing a wide selection of fruits, vegetables and grains, can we ensure that our agriculture adapts to climate change, new diseases and pests. We want colorful variety not standardized uniformity!#

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International News

2014-12-18 |

GMO testing procedure curtails US hay exports to China

GMO Alfalfa GMO Alfalfa

China's booming dairy industry has meant a surge in US hay exports, but the country's resistance to imports of some US genetically-modified crops (GMOs) is reducing US exports of hay modified with biotech alfalfa.

US farmers have embraced the GMO technology that helps to kill weeds, fight pests and improve yields. But China has not accepted all GMO agriculture products and has tight restrictions on imports.

Earlier this year, China started testing to determine if US hay imports contained the genetically modified alfalfa developed by Monsanto Co, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal on Monday.

"China is among the largest markets for US hay; so, of course it will affect exports. Again, it comes back to industry sourcing product as demanded by the customer. It is our understanding the Chinese government is aware of the need for regulatory approval and that it might take at least a year," he said. "In the meantime, we strictly adhere to China's zero-tolerance policy and do our best to please our customers in all markets with properly sourced product."

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