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Saatgut ist die Grundlage unserer Ernährung. Es steht am Anfang und am Ende eines Pflanzenlebens. Die Vielfalt und freie Zugänglichkeit dieses Menschheitserbes zu erhalten, das von Generation zu Generation weitergegeben wird, ist die Aufgabe von Save Our Seeds.

Foto: Weizenkorn Triticum Karamyschevii Schwamlicum fotografiert von Ursula Schulz-Dornburg im Vavilov Institut zu St.Petersburg

N as in "narrative" - join our webinar!

The Alphabet of Complexity Webinar Series!

N as in "narrative" - 8th of February 2023

This webinar will be our fourteenth meeting within the series of The Alphabet of Complexity webinars. The letter N (as in “narrative”) will guide us through the main question of the day: How can the narrative of restoration and reciprocity influence the course of agricultural policies? The lectures of three key speakers (Nara Petrovic, Anna Nacher, Marek Styczyński) will be followed by a discussion on how the perspective of restoration and reciprocity can inform our actions for the purity of seeds and against GMOs.




N as in Narrative:
How can the narrative of restoration and reciprocity influence the course of agricultural policies?
Key speakers: Nara Petrovic, Anna Nacher, Marek Styczyński
Time and date: 8.02.2023, 11a.m. - 1 p.m. CET


You can read the bios of the speakers here:

Nara Petrovic - Luxurious simplicity is my life’s philosophy. Fecology is how I do environmental activism. To put it bluntly: I take care of my own sh.t and I teach others to do the same—both literally and in all meanings of the term “sh.t.” As a writer, I published hundreds of articles and six books, including Human: Instructions for Use. I initiated the largest waste cleanup in my country, Slovenia, with 13.5% of the population participating. I trained teams from +100 countries in the World Cleanup Day movement on how to organize massive cleanup campaigns. I’ve co-founded an ecovillage and lived in communities for over 20 years. I give talks, facilitate events, hold workshops, advise, and coach. I do all this barefoot since 2007.


Marek Styczyński – MSc. forestry specialist, an expert in the field of mountain ecology, species protection, nature reserve design, and the European network of Natura 2000. Other fields of expertise include ethnobotany and permaculture, including permaculture design and advisory. He is the author and co-author of several guides and books (in Polish), such as Travel Herbarium. Plants in the tradition of the Carpathians and the Balkans (Ruthenus, 2012), Vággi Várri. In the Sámi tundra (Alter, 2013) and Yak's ear. Musical Journeys from Kathmandu to Santa Fe (Bezdroża, 2003), and many professional projects and publications. For nearly four decades he has been composing and performing experimental electroacoustic music using field recordings, animal voices and traditional instruments, which he has presented in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, and which has been documented with several dozen albums. Together with his wife, Anna Nacher, since 2014 he has been running the permaculture Center for Bioregional Practices Biotop Lechnica in the Slovak Zamagurie region. He shares his time between Kraków and Lechnica (Slovakia).  More on Biotop Lechnica:  More on music:

Anna Nacher, PhD –  associate professor at the Jagiellonian University, 2020 Fulbright alumna, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Literature Organization. Her research interests include digital culture, new media art, sound art, electronic literature, and ecological art. Her recent publications include articles in journals (European Journal of Women’s Studies, Hyperrhiz, Electronic Book Review, Acoustic Space, Communications +1) and chapters in edited volumes. Co-curator of an online exhibition Covid E-lit (of electronic literature and digital art produced during the COVID-19 pandemic):   Since 1998 Anna Nacher has also been a part-time musician and sound artist focusing on voice and field recordings as a co-founder of the Magic Carpathians collective. Since 2021 she has been collaborating with Victoria Vesna (Alien Star Dust Online Meditation, Noise Aquarium Meditation, Breath Library). Since 2014, together with Marek Styczynski, she has been developing Center for Bioregional Practices Biotop Lechnica - a permaculture center in Slovakian Carpathian mountains, where social projects aimed at developing permaculture design and practice are carried out. More info and the full list of publications: 


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