My Farming

The campaign “Meine Landwirtschaft”, translated as 'My Farming', is a broad cooperation of over 40 organisations from the agriculture, environment, animal and consumer protection and development sectors.  The initiative believes the upcoming reform of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) marks an opportunity to make changes that will bring about a sustainable, social and rural agriculture and it aims to put this at the centre of the public debate.

The CAP reforms will have an impact on the livelihoods of millions of farmers across Europe and ultimately the future of our food.  It is likely to be the most important environmental policy decision of the EU in the coming years and will have a profound affect on health, global justice and the fight against hunger.  

The significance of these reforms demands all EU citizens to ask themselves the questions, How do we want our taxes to be used to support agriculture and food production in the future?  Should our countryside become oil fields for fuel and energy?  Should our rural and local agriculture be subject to the commodity speculation and risk technologies of industrial agriculture? 

These questions are too important to be left to the industrial agriculture lobby.

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