Here at “Save our Seeds” we understand that profound change can only be achieved at the European level. For this reason, since 2010 we have been working with the “Agricultural and Rural Convention” ARC2020.  ARC2020 is a platform that brings together 156 NGOs with a shared interest in agricultural reform. 

The ARC2020 website publishes information as to when debates at both the national and EU level are taking place that will have a impact on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).  The website also features a blog where information and opinions can be shared as well as an internal portal for the collaboration between network members.  

The ARC2020 founded the movement “Good Food – Good Farming”, an international initiative for a fair and sustain

able food and agricultural policy.  The movement emphasises the importance of the impact of the EU’s agricultural policy on climate and environmental protection, biodiversity and rural development and organises European wide demonstrations to show their opposition to the existing EU policy and approach. 

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