The “Action-Bantam-Mais” is a campaign for the national cultivation of GMO-free German gardens.  The group provides gardeners, farmers and balcony-botanists with the opportunity to resist GMOs and use open-pollinated traditional maize, “Golden Bantam” and to be an example for the free-exchange of GMO-free seeds.  Although GMOs are banned in Germany, the movement will keep fighting to make sure it stays that way. 

In recent years, the movement has been increasingly focused on the threat posed to diversity by the hybrid seed varieties.  In addition to Bantam maize there are other varieties of maize that can flourish across Germany. 

Unlike the hybrid maize, the Bantam maize can be self-reproduced. In 2010 we introduced the GMO-free Linseed ‘Blue Wonder’, and the following year we further supplemented the other common fixed varieties whose seeds can be grown and exchanged between farmers and gardeners, with the Bantam range.  For more information please visit:

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