15.07.2002 |

EU Commission postpones vote on revised Seed Directive

The European Commission had presented a revised version of it`s draft Directive regarding contamination of seeds with GMOs beginning of July. It intended to have an "indicative vote" on this draft in the Standing Committee on Seeds on July 18th. However after intervention of Members of the European Parliament this vote has been postponed. The MEPs argued that the Commission had to first await the results of the Regulations on GMO Food and Feed labelling in order not to contradict them.The thresholds for adventitious contaminiation of seeds, which the Commission proposes (0,3% for rape seed, 0,5% for maize and beet and 0,7% for soja) could not guarantee that a maximum threshold of 0,5% for adventitious contamination of food and feed can be observed. The EP had voted in favour to setting such reduced thresholds at it`s plenary session on the 3rd of July.In it`s revised draft the Commission did not change the thresholds but only deleted detailed provisions how breeders should avoid contamination. The draft is available upon request from info@zs-l.de.

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