25.10.2002 |

EU Commission will submit draft Seed Directive to European Parliament

"I know one thing and that is that the GMO issue will give me grey hairs," said EU environment Commissioner Wallström yesterday, when answering questions raised by the Parliaments vize president of the Agricultural Committee Graefe zu Baringdorf. She committed to formaly submit the planned Directive on Seed purity to the Parliament for scrutinity. Wallström claimed, that the thresholds proposed by the Commission were based on scientific advise, while she also admitted that no solid scientific data are presently available on the expectable level of contamination resulting from these thresholds. She underlined that the issue "will require further scrutiny and reflection, both within the Commission and in our ongoing discussions with the Member States and the different stakeholders." After a controversial debate also among Members of the Parliament Wallström concluded: "This is a very complex and sensitive issue, legally, technically and politically. As I said earlier, we readily admit that we do not have all the answers."<a href="http://www.zs-l.de/gmo/downloads/ep_debate_24_10_2002.pdf">Minutes of the Parliaments debate including Wallströms answers</a>

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