29.11.2002 |

EU Council of Ministers agrees on new rules for labelling of GMO food and feed

The Council of Agricultural ministers today agreed on a common position for new regulations of GMO food and feed labelling and aproval. The regulation still needs final approval by the European Parliament, which is expected in spring 2003. The most important changes proposed are:Feed containing GMOs will have to be labelled (so far only food had to be labelled) - this covers over 80% of all GMOs on the European market.Also products, where the DNA or protein of the GMO can no longer be traced, must be labelled (e.g. oil, starch, sugar)The thresholds for adventitious presence of GMOs, which need not be labelled, has been lowered to 0,9% (the EP demands 0,5% however)<a href="http://www.zs-l.de/gmo/downloads/eu_foodfeed_memo.pdf">Memorandum on Council Position on GMO Food and Feed</a></p><p><a href="http://europa.eu.int/rapid/start/cgi/guesten.ksh?p_action.gettxt=gt&doc=IP/02/1770-0- RAPID&lg=EN&display=">Press Release of Commissioner Byrne</a></p><p><a href="http://www.zs-l.de/gmo/downloads/EUs_food_GP_PM021128.rtf">Greenpeace International press release</a>

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