11.02.2003 |

EU Commission published 13 new GMO applications

The European Commission has published 13 new applications for marketing authorisation of genetically modified organisms since the beginning of this year. Most of them are for import for processing as food and feed, but others are for cultivation of the GMOs as well. All of them are either herbicide tolerant or insect killing varieties including maize, soybeans, rape-seed, beet and potatoes. The Companies Monsanto and Bayer have filed now in a concerted effort all GMO varieties presently marketed in the USA, Argentina and Canada. Whether they will be approved depends upon the reaction of the Member States, which can request further information and also object to the approvals within the next weeks.<b>European citizens can place their comments and objections to the GMOs directly</b> on the EU Commissions website.</p><p><a href="http://www.zs-l.de/gmo/downloads/new applications.pdf">Overview and explanation of procedure</a></p><p><a href="http://gmoinfo.jrc.it/partc_browse.asp">Commission web site with description of GMOs and opportunity to place your comments</a>

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