06.07.2003 |

Greenpeace to Lamy: don't cave in to US corporate agenda on GMOs

Sun 06 July 2003, Palermo, ITALyGreenpeace today presented the EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy and the Italian Trade Minister, Adolfo Urso, with two sacks of soy contaminated with genetically engineered (GE) varieties by the US-multinational GE company Monsanto, asking the Commissioner to return them to his US counterpart Robert Zoellick. Commissioner Lamy is currently in Palermo to meet with the EU Trade Ministers in their last official meeting prior to the WTO ministerial in Cancun, Mexico in September.</p><p><a href="http://www.greenpeace.org/international_en//press/release?press_id=292133">Greenpeace press release</a>

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