19.08.2003 |

WTO: US vs. Europe on GM moratorium

Update: The US has now formally requested panels for the GM moratorium case against the European Union and the EUhas rejected the request (which they can do just once). This means that if the US, Canadaand Argentina don't back off, panels will automatically be set up from 29 Augustand the whole case would go through the WTO system which could take some 18months. The GE industry, some farmers organisations and US congress members areputting a lot of pressure on the US administration to expand the complaint toinclude the new labeling and traceability rules. WTOrules however would require toopen a new case on this.<a href="http://europa.eu.int/rapid/start/cgi/guesten.ksh?p_action.gettxt=gt&doc=IP/03/1165§0§RAPID&lg=EN&display=">EU Commission Press Communique (eng, fr, d) 18th Aug</a><br><a href="http://www.zs-l.de/gmo/news/2003_05_01_news_archiv.html#200283119">background on the WTO case</a>

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